Birth Doulas


Liz Cantemir

Liz is a Birth Doula and mother. Her goal is to be fully supportive of a mother in whatever way she chooses to labor and birth, provide her with options if she so wishes, and to help her overcome any fears around this natural and miraculous part of life. Liz offers her services in all of the Ventura & Santa Barbara County areas. She also offers placenta encapsulation services.
Contact Liz: (805) 443-2729 | |


Bailey Gaddis0326 300dpi

Bailey Gaddis

Bailey is a mother, HypnoBirthing® Childbirth EducatorBirth Doula, and Certified Hypnotherapist. After many years working in the IVF industry, traveling through her own journey to motherhood, and supporting others on their unique pregnancy and birthing paths, Bailey has gained a deep understanding of the varying, trying, and incredible ways a family can be created, and the impassioned journey many travel to reach that goal. She has a passion for nurturing the mind-body connection and empowering women to experience their optimal pregnancy and birth. She holds the path to motherhood in a sacred light and feels blessed to support women and families before, during, and after the magical moment of birth.

Contact Bailey: 626.676.0509 | |


Doulas In Training


Taryn Longo

Taryn is a birth doula, prenatal meditation teacher, and the co-founder of Awakened Feminine, an international women’s movement that helps women connect to their deep femininity and inner power, live in a full expression of themselves, and make authentic rich connections to other women. Her work around birthing, known as Awakened Pregnancy, supports women with the emotional and spiritual journey of pregnancy and birth. Taryn sees the entry into motherhood as one of the most potent and transformative times in a woman’s experience. Awakened Pregnancy honors this and helps women move through their pregnancy by placing them in the “driver’s seat” of their experience.

Taryn brings this knowledge and approach to serve all of her birth clients in a deep and full way to help ensure a sacred experience of birth. She also offers Awakened Pregnancy classes and private sessions to prepare the heart and mind for childbirth and motherhood. Taryn’s partner, David, is a meditation teacher and author who specializes in supporting men on their path to conscious fatherhood. David works during the prenatal time to help men to best support expectant mothers and offers post natal support for all of the challenges that men face with a new baby in the home.

Contact Taryn: 347-385-5795 | | |


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